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ISO 14067:2018 Certification

We certify with IAB USA accredited standard in accordance with ISO 14067:2018 standard.

Independent validation and verification of greenhouse gas inventories and emission reduction projects

The international standardization organization for ISO issued ISO14067 product carbon footprint accounting standards to guide using life cycle assessment method for the quantification of product carbon footprint and foreign exchange. ISO 14067 is an important tool, which can be used to know CO2 emission reduction in related important regions. What’s more, the standard can be helpful to raise people’s awareness on greenhouse gas emissions.

ISO 14067:2018 is the reference standard for CFP; it defines the principles, requirements and guidelines for quantifying a product’s carbon footprint. The standard requires an organization to produce a CFP study report based on an analysis of a product’s life cycle through the life cycle assessment methodologies of ISO 14040 and ISO 14044.

Audit process

  • document review of the material relating to the organisation’s activities and GHG emissions;
  • on-site verification and reporting of GHGs;
  • verification/validation report;
  • periodic checks to monitor GHG reductions over time

ITC verification independently verifies your data increase visibility and help inform key decisions. Checking that the product carbon footprint is in accordance to ISO 14067 is critical to increasing the credibility of the footprint and improvements externally.


ITC verification typically has two stages:

Stage 1 – Initial data review, verification plan and sampling plan.
Stage 2 – Data verification, creation of list of findings. Final Report and Assurance Statement.

Whether your business has a comprehensive but unverified carbon footprint analysis for your product(s), or whether you are just starting out on the journey, get in touch – to ensure that you are able to leverage the value of verified data.


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