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What is carbon management?

Carbon management is an organized approach to gain the strategic advantages of CO2 emissions reductions. Carbon management helps organizations stay focused on achieving their targets to reduce CO2 emissions and their use of fossil fuels.

With mandatory reporting requirements in the UK and EU, and stakeholder pressure for businesses to set goals to reduce emissions and implement carbon management helps businesses, measure, track, and manage emissions in an organized way.

Carbon management combines practical, cost-effective approaches to reducing annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in ways that enhance environmental performance.
Carbon management is useful for identifying useful carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions reduction strategies for cutting back the annual emissions business report to stakeholders in their CSR reports.
There are a wide range of strategies employed in carbon management: energy efficiency, low-carbon fuel substitution, renewable energy certificates, life cycle analysis, and the use of new technologies like carbon capture, otherwise known as direct air capture – are all strategies that can help businesses lower their reported CO2 emissions.

Science and research are seeking new ideas for decarbonization technologies are being made all of the time to improve upon sustainable development, but the good news is – emissions reductions can already be made through the implementation of one or more of these broad categories.

Why is carbon management important?

Carbon management does not just look at the problem of carbon emissions added to the atmosphere each year, it supports the development of technologies and approaches to address the legacy emissions and hard to abate industrial emissions.

Even if we completely reduce new generation of CO2 emissions to zero, carbon management will support the removal of the build-up of historic CO2 emissions and usage of fossil fuel.

Within organizations, carbon management goes beyond technology to include policies, training, and techniques that reduce CO2 emissions strategically. With a managerial approach to the problem of CO2 emissions, organizations can avoid a disorderly and confusing process to alter their systems.
In other words, technology development can help make a low carbon future a reality.
With any problem, there are multiple pathways of improvement. In the case of CO2 emissions reduction, carbon management identifies the pathways of least resistance.

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